Disney ENCANTO Costumes: Ideal for Cosplay and Halloween! #sponsored

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Encanto Dolores:
Transform into Encanto Dolores with the Yutoyye costume. This amazing-quality dress features a light-colored ruffle top with a collar and a red flamenco skirt. Complete the look with the included wig with a red headscarf and a red choker necklace.

Encanto Isabela:
Dress up like Encanto Isabela with the Yutoyye costume. The purple dress is adorned with beautiful flowers, just like the symmetrical flowers Isabela can conjure and grow. It comes with a purple necklace, bracelet, and flower headband.

Encanto Mirabel:
Turn into Encanto Mirabel with the Yutoyye costume. This enchanting dress is inspired by the magic of the Madrigal family. It features a wide, round neckline, short sleeves, scalloped edges, butterflies, and vibrant details. The costume comes with a wig, earrings, a pouch, and green frame glasses to complete the transformation.

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Watch Tanja on our YouTube channel as she transforms into 3 Disney Encanto Princesses with these amazing costumes. The dresses are made of super soft material and have impeccable cuts. The colors are also incredibly vibrant. Tanja’s favorite character is Isabela, so she was thrilled to finally dress up like her.

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Join the fun this Halloween and cosplay as your favorite Encanto character! #disneyencanto #encanto #halloween #cosplay #kids #disneyprincess

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