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BlizzCon: Check out our coverage of the Diablo III class panel and the DVD production panel and stay tuned for more BlizzCon coverage next week. More than 130,000 fans are expected at San Diego’s Comic-Con during the next few days for autograph signings, TV and film presentations and toy shopping. In order to use Sirfetch’d, you will need to cop the Sword version of the game, as the Pokemon is exclusive to the Sword version of the title.

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The festival took place at the ’12th century built’ Sudeley Castle, Gloucestershire. Revellers dressed up in all types of genres at the Fantasy Forest Festival at Sudeley Castle, Gloucestershire. You can choose to lie to a character, you can help them, you can gain their trust, you can double cross folks,’ said Ann Morrow Johnson, executive producer and creative director for Walt Disney Imagineering. We can only hope that jewelry is added so that we can wear those stylish earings as well.

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Almost all of my spandex suits lately have come from HerosTime. HerosTime is the perfect store for getting spandex suits. Wanda has the most outfits in this episode, sporting three more costumes I call: the kitchen dress, the lingerie gown, black power ranger costume and the fancy bow dress. If you’d like to see more of Layla Rei’s whimsical creations, you can find them all on her gallery at DeviantART. If you want to add a forearm zipper, calf zipper, shoe inserts, or even a crotch zipper, you can add it to the order.