I’m Obsessed With “Across the Spider-Verse”

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So, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse just released and it’s… really good. Like, overwhelmingly good. Like, I can’t say everything I need to say in a single video kind of good.

Everything that was great about the first movie, this movie takes it and steps it up. The animation is more gorgeous than ever, the soundtrack is incredible, each character is so layered and complex. There’s so much happening in every single frame that it’s impossible to get the full experience on just one viewing.

And I have so much to say about it. About the animation, the story structure, the cliffhanger ending, the characterization of Miguel O’Hara as well as all the other cameos and Spider-People like Insomniac and Spectacular Spider-Man, my favorite character of Hobie Brown as Spider-Punk, the different allegories and metaphorical lenses one can view this movie through and the core message that makes this movie stand apart as more than just “Part 1” and instead as its own movie.

So I talk about all of that.

0:00 – Intro
0:41 – HelloFresh
1:54 – Is It Better Than The First?
3:02 – More Than Just “Part 1”
5:31 – That Cliffhanger Ending
7:20 – All the Cameos
11:28 – I Love Spider-Punk
12:34 – Breaking “The Canon”
15:22 – Spider-Verse Comics
17:08 – Interesting Characterizations
20:11 – The Allegories
23:14 – Nah. Imma Do My Own Thing

Music Used:
“What’s Up Danger (Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse) on Guitar” by Niall Stenson

Original music by troyoboyo17

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This video is a review/critique protected under fair use. All clips used are transformative as they accompany my commentary and are therefore within my legal rights to use.

This video is NOT INTENDED FOR CHILDREN. Though it is possible that the topics and characters I discuss may appeal to some children, the language and visuals that I use are, at times, not appropriate for young children.

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