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black female soldier acu model After seeing the “kind of love and celebration” the Spider-Man movies have received over the years, and after seeing the “genuine intent” of the creative team behind Spider-Man: No Way Home, Maguire wanted to join. Filled with thrills and laughs, boys and girls ages 2-5 will love this light-hearted and humorous take on the Marvel universe with animal versions of their favorite characters and in which an ordinary spider becomes a pig-like web-spinning super hero! For now, though, it simply holds a place as The Direct’s favorite live-action Spidey suit in history. With Andrew Garfield established in the Spider-Man role for the sequel, though, they made another gutsy call and decided to reinvent the suit for the second film, with a more comics-accurate looking design. According to Conrad, Sony has already put together two distinct trailers for the film, one for the US market and an international version. A report recently revealed that Marvel wasn’t too happy with Sony having its Far From Home launch so close to Endgame, because Marvel wanted to maintain secrecy about the Infinity War sequel for as long as possible. Conrad does say that Sony may be rethinking its marketing strategy for the film because of what happened in Infinity War.

Simple is beautiful! Endgame’s hardest-hitting moment boils down to a bamboozled Thanos as he stares down Tony Stark, right before the Avenger utters an iconic line of dialogue and delivers a reality-saving snap that conclusively ends the Infinity Saga. Segmented parts on the legs, biceps, and hips make for a surprisingly flexible Iron Man, who’s capable of striking an action pose, nailing a three-point landing, or assuming a position where he flips Thanos an Infinity Stone-empowered finger. Much like his banged-up armor, he has some battle damage of his own and a stoic facial expression, one that ties in perfectly with his final stand against Thanos. It’s worth noting that this figure is essentially a retool of the previously-released Mark 85 from 2021 but flaunting some wear and tear from his battle with Thanos. In a film that had no shortage of incredible and memorable moments, that particular scene still stands as one of Endgame’s most emotional moments, and it’s one that has been faithfully preserved in the form of a sixth-scale collectible figure from Hot Toys. You’ll probably still want to be careful when you flex Iron Man’s limbs as some panels are more flexible than others, but this is a figure with some tight ratchet joints in the links, sturdy construction in the torso, and impressive maneuverability in the arms.

Strangely, that damage only applies to the front of the figure. After this, the only real change that the suit underwent during the whole Raimi trilogy was its black version in Spider-Man 3. The front logo went through a subtle change in its size and colour, getting a bit bigger and silver. A classic-looking, iconic Spider-Man look. They always made the web-slinger look angry, and though the suit is one of the most beloved because of the film’s legacy, there are others worn by the hero that are better designed. In addition to getting an early look at the robotic counterpart of his Peter Parker character, the team asked Holland to autograph the robot, which he did graciously. In a bar in Mexico, Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) spends his time getting drunk with his symbiotic partner Venom. As an alternative option, getting your hands on a single collectible figure that immortalizes the second-best scene from the film is also worth considering.

Like every Iron Man figure that Hot Toys has ever produced, you’ll need the hands of a safecracker to get those lights running. Before the credits roll, Spider-Man jumps out of the window donning what seems like the more traditional red and blue suit. That reliance on several miniature batteries feels like an archaic method for keeping the Iron Man lights powered on, especially when compared to the more elegant solution that other companies have come up with recently. Both of these trailers have been submitted to ratings boards – the US version is two and a half minutes long, while the international version is just two minutes long. While it makes sense–because who keeps a shelf full of sixth-scale Iron Men who are staring at your wall–it’s a shame not to see any of that beautiful destruction wrap around the entire Iron Man suit. It would be fun to see Holland’s Peter Parker develop a darker personality. The Hollywood star was in good spirits as he met volunteers, fielded questions and joined in the fun at a nearby basketball court in Brixton Hill Place. If you’ve got good taste, then spending the GDP of Europe to copy the final epic battle of Avengers: Endgame with a small army of toys is money well-spent.

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